Rani Ghosh – The Beauty-BS-Busting Toxicologist


How excited am I about this episode!
I’m welcoming the incredible Rani Ghosh who is not only a total skincare and beauty lover but just so happens to be a dermal toxicologist which means that she’s one of the women who makes sure that our skincare is absolutely and undoubtedly safe.
In a world of beauty green-washing, clean-washing and fear-mongering, Rani is a welcome voice of calm and reason and she REALLY knows her stuff.
I feel honoured and excited to have someone who works in toxicology on the podcast especially when they’re as eloquent and fabulous as Rani.
You should leave the episode feeling far more confident in the products you buy and the beauty industry at large.
You can find Rani on Instagram @rani_ert

2 months ago

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