Need to Update Your Lingerie Collection? Crush by Cacique is bringing the Bold and Bright Newness!

Are you familiar with the Crush by Cacique collection that Lane Bryant has been giving us? If you have been looking for a “flirty, fun and sexy counterpart to the Seriously Sexy offering” then you need to check out the latest Crush by Cacique collection!

When it comes to finding plus size lingerie that is anything but boring, this used to be a challenge. Now? It is all about finding great fit, quality, and support. As a tried and true plus size lingerie brand, Cacique by Lane Bryant has been busy and the latest Crush by Cacique collection is here to bring a little fun and color to our lingerie collections…

Crush by Cacique- Ruffle Lace-Up Bodysuit
Ruffle Lace-Up Bodysuit at

“The Crush by Cacique spring collection is filled with sexy bras, panties and lingerie in shocking patterns and electric hues.”

For pre-spring Crush by Cacique is giving us “NEON DREAMS.”  Think neon hues from the 80s paired with exciting patterns and prints and great fits that we’ve know and trust from Cacique.

“When shocking patterns meet electric hues, sparks. will. fly.”

Soooooo, are you looking for a few fun pieces to add to your plus size lingerie collection? Are you in the market for a new longline bra, a strappy bodysuit, or a new bralette? If you are or are curious, we’ve rounded up a few of the standout pieces from the latest Crush by Cacique collection that have our (and might have your) attention.

12 Faves from the Crush by Cacique Neon Dreams Collection

Sateen Bralettes, Microfiber bodysuits, and unlined pattern play? This collection screams comfort AND fun, which ideally is the best of both worlds, right?

When it comes to plus size lingerie, fit is always going to be key… and with those of us who have been in the house for some time, rocking nothing but bralettes or sports bras, a little update to the collection may be a nice change- right? Or is that just me??

Better yet, when was the last time you were fitted properly for a bra? If it has been over a year, you may want to head into Lane Bryant to get properly fitted!  I know that I need to make my way to a Cacique to make sure I am in my best size for the brand!

And for those who are curious, Lane Bryant has this collection available up through an H cup, up through a size 48 band, and up through a size 32 in select styles.

How much fun were these pieces? Did these cool finds catch your attention? Could you see yourself in a few of these Crush by Cacique lingerie finds?

Let s know what you think about this collection in the comments below!

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