You Oughta Know: What Lo Wants, A Sustainable LA-Based Plus Size Brand

Have you been looking for an indie plus size brand that is designed and produced in LA? Well, then we have a fun brand that you oughta know! Meet What Lo Wants, the Influencer-turned-designer, Lauren Gray has an accessible, sustainable, fashionable, and ethically sourced plus size brand that gives us a few more options up through a size 32!

“Fat babes want nice clothes too. Fat babes care about the earth.”

Lauren Gray

Anna Soft Cotton Babydoll Romper in Pistachio
Image via What Lo Wants

Being back in California has allowed us to connect with local plus size talent and indie brands that are doing impressive things and Lauren’s brand, What Lo Wants is a fun one! Especially if you have been looking for easy fashion pieces that pride themselves on fit, quality, and sustainability.

“Plus size babes not only deserve to feel good IN the clothes we wear but also ABOUT the clothes we wear. What Lo Wants’ mission is to make quality pieces that celebrate plus-size bodies – not hide them – while respecting the planet and paying the crafters who make them fair, living wages.”

Launched in 2021, Lauren leveraged her community that she has built to launch What Lo Wants. With this brand, you can expect playful matching sets, strategic cutouts, cheeky ruching, and an impeccable fit that have influencers like GabiFresh, Natalie Means Nice, and Alex LaRosa singing its praises!  

“I wanted what was missing: a US-manufactured brand that made quality, on-trend pieces and focused heavily on fit. A brand that reflected the sentiment of being plus-size and proud. In September 2021, alongside my community, I launched What Lo Wants – sizes 14-32. This brand is for us, by us.”

One of the exciting things we have seen in the plus size fashion space, are the influencers-turned-entrepreneurs who continue to disrupt and democratize the options we have for plus size style. For What Lo Wants, seeing what Lauren has created and continues to create is inspirational, especially as she leans into and champions fit, sustainability, and ethically sourced plus size clothing.

Instead of feeling dejected and opting out of fashion, Lauren took it upon herself to create what she felt was missing: “I always felt especially left out of the fashion world – particularly when it came to quality fashion. I felt like I was stuck in a fashion paradox, where there were pretty much two options for myself as a plus-size consumer: fast fashion or luxury fashion (which often felt very mother-of-the-bride.) There are thousands of niche straight-sized brands, but where were the indie plus-size brands? The average dress size in the US is between a size 16 and 18…so, why was one taking the time to create CUTE, quality, accessible pieces for us?”

What Lo Wants as a Sustainable Plus Size Brand

“I was tired of feeling like my style had to come at the expense of the planet or my wallet. I knew so many plus-size babes that felt the same way… With the world slowly shifting away from mass-produced fast fashion and looking towards ethical and slower alternatives, we hope to be an example of how companies can continue to do better.”

Finding more plus size sustainable brands is promising and exciting- as those options have been few and far between. As an indie brand, leading with a passion to produce ethically and sustainably, What Lo Wants breaks down how they approach and make sure that their brand follows those standards.

From using recycled and compostable mailing cards, tissue, mailers, and garment bags, What Lo Wants made sure that you can plant these items in your yard! When it comes to production, What Lo Wants creates their items in small batches to prevent overproduction waste. What is not used is donated to local organizations and charities.

What we have shared is only a snippet of what steps that What Lo Wants takes to bring us and to champion plus size sustainability.  

You can shop the collection now, at!

What Lo Wants is available up through a 5X, size 32 and for those who are outside of the US, they do ship internationally!

Have you checked out the brand already? Do you have a few pieces from the collection? Is this a brand that YOU know and are already in love with?

How cool is Lauren’s brand and her platform? Taking a dream and turning it into something that serves our underserved community is so impressive and inspiring.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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