Forex Automoney Review – Can This Forex Trading System Really Make You Big Bucks?

With the ever growing popular online money making opportunity known as Forex trading, there has been a tremendous amount of Forex trading systems to hit the internet market over the last few years. There has been one system in particular that has been generating a real buzz in the Forex trading community, so I decided to take a look at it.

Have you been looking for a real Forex Automoney review? If you have, keep reading.

Let me be the first to tell you that I am no Forex trading guru or expert but as someone who loves finding new ways of making money online I was naturally drawn to the whole Forex craze.

I knew absolutely nothing about Forex trading so like I always do when I don’t know about something I started to research the crap out of it.

I originally thought, how much could possibly be involved just trading money back and forth. I can’t lie, I was completely overwhelmed by all of the terminology and methods that comes along with learn how to trade.

It got to the point where I had to decide whether or not to continue researching this anymore.

Here are some of the terms that I ran into when researching Forex:




Bank Rate




Carry Trade





ECN Broker

These are just a few of the terms that I ran into trying to learn Forex. I like to learn but this stuff was getting pretty complicated. At this point I started wondering if there was an easier way to make money forex trading.

After doing a couple of different searches I found that there were many Forex trading systems available that were supposed to simplify the whole trading process I suddenly got curious again.

Through my searching I kept coming across “Forex Automoney”. It’s seemed like the more I searched for easy ways to make money with Forex the more I kept seeing this program.

So, I decided to really look into it and here is what I found.

What’s it about:

This system was created for people who really wanted to make money trading Forex but didn’t want to have to enroll at a4 year college to have to learn all of the difficult terminology and strategies involved with learning Forex.

It tries to make it as easy as possible to make money by setting up a system that literally tells you when to buy and sell.

You can have your account set up to send you signals (a time to buy or sell) 3 different ways.

Daily (once a day)

Intradaily (6 times a day)

Weekly (once a week)

How you want your signals sent are completely up to you.

Negatives – As a Forex trading system I really do not see to many negatives with it. If I had to pick I would say there monthly membership fee. Once you’re a member you need to treat your membership like you would a gym membership or any other membership that you pay for regularly. They probably figure that you should be making enough from their system that paying for your membership shouldn’t be a problem, and maybe their right.

I guess the good news is if you’re not making any money you can always cancel at anytime.

Positives – It is without a doubt one of the highest ranked forex trading systems available and that’s for good reason.

See unlike other systems Forex Automoney has a support team that will help you with any problems that you may be having. They also provide some very helpful guides that I’d recommend anyone who is a member to read. These guides will give you better understanding of Forex Trading and how to make the most money possible doing it.

This system does provide a realistic opportunity to earn money without having to invest a whole lot. You can start trading for as little as $1.


In my Forex research I have discovered that there are a ton of systems that claim to be able to make Forex trading a lucrative venture. The truth is that there are a lot of junk systems out there that flat out stink and there are some systems out there that are really legit and can indeed help it’s users become successful Traders. In my opinion Forex Automoney definitely falls into the “legit” category.

Source by Earl Stringer

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